The Intern Diaries

First day at Ideafarms

Walking in, I am greeted by a drum roll: bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fellow intern Eeshta’s welcome to the new kid. I like it already.

First off, I am walked through the ground rules by the lovely HR director, Anuja, revealing some telling facts about the atmosphere of the company I had just joined. Number 4, no yelling or speaking in a rude voice; Number 2, no calling anyone “sir” or “ma’am”; first names would suffice. Number 7 was the most interesting, however, specifically delineating that everyone was approachable, and that one could go up to any other employee at the company to ask questions and request information. Already, 25 minutes in, Ideafarms is blowing my expectations of rigid, overly structured, hierarchical experience out of the water.

Next, I am immediately thrust into helping with a pitch for a new app, quickly going over the idea and seeing firsthand how Ideafarms brainstorms. Despite the good humour and familiarity pervading the atmosphere, employees know when to get serious and are impressively quick and efficient when there is a task at hand. I watched the team put together a competent, well-organized presentation, even offering some input which they used while talking about the app. I observed the bosses’ feedback with great interest straight after the pitch – they astutely highlighted the main issues in an even, businesslike manner and helped guide the team towards making a better product.

Lunchtime, though, was the highlight of the day. It is a time for everyone to get together around the lunch table, where no work is allowed, allowing for absorbing discussions about politics, current events, and our favourite TV shows to spring up. On the first day alone I gleaned more about the current state of the city than I had from newspapers in the past week, with everyone contributing information and experiences. Thankfully there were no Game of Thrones spoilers! It was great to see how well everyone got along, and I am already excited for the homemade cake, Nirati, one of the other interns, has promised to bring tomorrow.

Going home at the end of the day, accompanied by a leaving drum roll from the one and only Eeshta, there is only one thought in my head: I think I’m going to like it here.

Shaina doodling away!
Shaina doodling away!

written by Shaina Verma.

Internship @ Ideafarms

Patrick J. Shea an art major from the College of Architecture and Planning at Cornell University, USA had first visited India in the summer of 2008 for an internship at Ideafarms. Well, we must’ve done something right because he decided to come back this year to learn and work with us for a full 3 months. On his last visit, Patrick had left with an impression of the role of design thinking while conceptualising a solution and how technology and design work together. Right after graduating from Cornell, Patrick headed back to explore Industrial Design as a career option. In Pat’s words –

“During the months of June and July of 2008 I was given the opportunity to intern at Ideafarms.  I gladly took advantage of the opportunity to learn about their company and business platform. Over the 40 days spent living in New Delhi and working there, I was assigned a mock website for the company. I began by learning about what Ideafarms was all about, and the image that they had created for themselves.  Only after truly grasping what the company stood for was it possible for me to create something that suitably represented them.

Overall I got to learn a lot about the creative and technological aspects of IT. The internship was an opportunity for me to open my mind and begin to grasp concepts new to me about the business world and allow me to be a part of a day-to-day office experience.

In July of 2010 I was given the opportunity to head back to Ideafarms for another internship of 90 days.  Having just graduated college and feeling a little more confident and mature I felt that it was time to go to Ideafarms and learn as much as I could and get a feel of what it would be like to work in a creative environment. There are a number of projects lined up for me this time round which include, designing a website, working with a team for the design of a web application and a physical product. This time around I feel that I will be about to take my experience further and learn more than my previous visit.”

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