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Ande ka Funda – A model for organisational innovation

We came up with this egg-shaped model of organisational innovation that we like to call the Ande ka Funda and thought we will share it with you guys.

Demystifying the title for you (its in Hindi …)

Anda = egg

Funda = Concept (we believe it stems from the word Fundamental)
Therefore, by “Ande ka Funda” we literally are trying to depict the concept of organisational innovation using the growing and self-nurturing egg as a metaphor.

An organisation that innovates needs to practice innovation at its core, which means first bringing innovation in its business model, its processes and then innovating its products – this will form the yolk of the egg shaped model. To support this initiative of innovation you need to have a flexible jelly like pool of resources that can keep innovation afloat and act as a cushion. This cushion is then wrapped with a membrane of technologyculture and ecosystem that will provide the necessary energy and resources required to enable innovation at your core. All this is then enclosed in a shell of the brand that will protect the soft and fragile interiors and yet lets it interact with the external world.

We also have for you quick-tips or questions that may help your organisation kick-off its innovation program that you can get by downloading this poster.

(Feel free to blow it up and print it or even share this link with others!)

( P.S: Don’t forget to give us credit for it!)

Egg shaped model for organisational innovation


download_pdf_icon Download the poster

Get in touch with us if you want to know more or need help with your innovation program.

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