United Colors of Ideafarms

No don’t adjust the color settings of your monitor…


We usually look quite normal. Look we even took a picture to document as proof.


The festival of colors is celebrated with much gusto around the world by all Indians, and we Ideafarmers are definitely not the ones to be left behind. We look forward to it each year. Afterall, what better occasion than this to leave your co-workers looking black and blue 😉


Infact, such was the eagerness that for a change, the scrumptious spread laid next to the pile of gulaal (powdered color) was ignored and we decided to attack each other first.


It’s a little difficult to describe what happened next because there was just a cloud of colors flying around. When the haze settled, the result was the very colorful bunch of human beings you see in the following pictures. (No, none of these pictures have been photoshopped.)


While some gave in easily,…


… some tried to threaten with a dirty look …


… and yet some tried to hide behind each other …


None of which worked of course :D.


… and we all came out of it grinning …


… well almost all of us 😉 [Camera shy?]

Amidst all the chaos and strangely scary looking people we all had a lot of fun throwing color at each other and messing up the whole office. It was a grand celebration!




And now that the color of our faces matches the color of our walls, we wish a very Happy Holi to all.


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Tennis on Table

“A healthy mind lives in healthy body.”

We too believe in that and that’s the reason why Ideafarms organized a table tennis match at Siri Fort complex for its employees …

apart from the most obvious reason of having fun and yes we had loads of fun.

Every one was supposed to be in sports wear but… well every theory has some exceptions ;-) .


Even before the event started everyone was in the mood, everyone warming up and thinking like they are themselves Wang Hao …


We were pretty excited about it as such events give us a break from our daily routine and also a chance to interact with our colleagues outside the office.


All the fixtures were already decided and its was a knock out competition … with men and women competing separately.

During the starting rounds you could clearly tell who would win and also sometimes by how many points ;  even though it was table tennis most of us treated it as lawn tennis and the ball seldom touched the table :P .


As the competition progressed the matches started getting more intense and got us all excited …


and as for those who lost in the early rounds … they started their own league championship .

When we were down to our final rounds, that’s when the competition in its real sense became entertaining.


Tip : don’t play after eating or you might feel sleepy.

As for the results

Women’s Table Tennis Fixture :

1st prize : Mita Majumdar

2nd prize : Manpreet Rai

Unfortunately  the men’s table tennis event never came to a conclusion due to a muscle pull with one of the finalist(Sunil Malhotra) but since it was finals we decided that they deserve their prize.

Men’s Table Tennis Fixture :

1st prize : Rajiv Malhotra

2nd prize : Sunil Malhotra

All said and done one important lesson that we learned is to work out on daily basis or events like this can leave your body aching.