Innovation for Leadership [Video Mashup]

Sunil Malhotra, our CEO (or the Chief Instigator as we like to call him) was invited to conduct a workshop on Innovation  at a MNC recently. As a precursor to his presentation, and to welcome back people for the post-lunch session, we put together this mashup of videos. We share the video here as a quick capsule for anyone in a leadership position to understand what they need to do to run a sustainable innovation program in their organisation.

<Disclaimer: There is nothing original about this presentation>


Let us know what you think. We would love to hear your views on the topic.


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Ideas of the week 4th-Nov-2011

This week’s post for the Ideas of the week featuring ideas that might change our world.


1. The i-Pod’s inventor creates a self-learning thermostat
Innovation+Design+Better Living

The nest thermostat is a self-learning, self-programming thermostat which is gorgeous, intuitive, and more necessary than you think. More




2. Shoe for visually impaired

A shoe that helps visually impaired people walk around without any stick by alerting them about their environment. More




3. More Than Facebook: The Time Is Right For Social Business
Social Media

The era of social business is here and it is becoming clear just how transformative it will be. But many are still asking, “What does social business really mean?” More




4. Why You Won’t Hear About the Next Solar Tech Breakthrough
Innovation+Solar Energy+Technology

Climate Progress reports that the latest, greatest breakthrough has, in fact, already happened. It does have a cool name-the optical cavity furnace. More




5. The Future of Trash: 4 Ways Tech Is Improving Recycling Rates

The world is now inhabited by 7 billion individuals, and as you can imagine, we produce a lot of trash but there are several ways to go about this improving recycling rates and reducing waste. More




6. Amazon ‘Flow’ App Brings Image-Recognition Purchasing to iPhones
Augmented Reality+Image recognition

Amazon has unveiled an augmented-reality iPhone app that allows users to find information about products around them.More





Meanwhile the small idea at our Garage Sale

Build Your Own House


An app that gives you a feel of what your house will look like even while it’s being constructed! More




This week’s post compiled by Nitish Sharma

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Entrepreneurship and kite flying

Image via Wikipedia

Entrepreneurship is like flying a kite. You wait for that gust to launch it and then you watch it soar, manouevring it through a series of slacks and tugs. Just like a kite, the company you founded sways and rolls and one day you realise that you have to let it go.

Or you bring it back to earth, cut the string and then attach a brand new kite. The way you fly the new kite will not change, except that you may have become a trifle more skilful. The new kite will look different, behave differently and entertain the world in ways the old kite never did.

Entrepreneurship is as much fun and just as challenging.

At Ideafarms, entrepreneurship is always on offer. We enjoy uncertainty. And we hope it rubs off on those who work here. Building a culture of entrepreneurship means much more than defining some processes and plastering walls with ‘feel good’ quotes. It means providing the freedom to take ownership; handing over the reel to someone else and watching her fly her kite.

Now we’re experimenting with ‘outsiders’ that have the makings of outliers to test new frontiers of entrepreneurship. Just like flying kites in outer space. Calling all MBA types and geeks that are not looking for neck’ties’ in a Bank job. Come fly your kite at Ideafarms.

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