The 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi

The 11th Auto Expo, 2012 is the hottest topic in Delhi and for all the right reasons. While the hot wheels were the main attraction, it was also interesting to see a lot of brands getting innovative in the use of new-age technology and social media effectively to engage the audience.

People walking around the car stalls and liking their favorite brands on Facebook was a common sight at almost all the brands at the Expo. The ones who stood out the most were brands like  Ford who had distributed RFID bands to the viewers to walk around and “like” their favorite cars.  Suzuki had people register at the main entrance and you could walk around liking your car at the kiosks next to them. If you liked a car, your face appeared on a large display which also had a ‘like’ counter. They had also used Android tablets and the Microsoft surface technology as attractions to play around with. Toyota also had an interactive “Make My Car” display and  Hyundai had invited fans to be chosen as  Hyundai ambassadors for the event.


What stole the show for me though was the “Flying car” by Chevy.  Imagine a car on display that just levitated and started moving towards you!

[P.S : Brownie points to you if you can guess how they made the car fly ;-)]


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